Z przykrością informujemy, że w związku ze złym stanem zdrowia perkusisty The Picturebooks zdecydowali się

odwołać europejską trasę. W tej chwili nie mamy informacji o możliwych przyszłych datach koncertów.

Przypominamy, zespół miał zagrać w Polsce cztery koncerty:

03.12.15 Bielsko-Biała, Rude Boy

04.12.15 Katowice, Katofonia

05.12.15 Warszawa, Spółdzielnia Dom Qltury

06.12.15 Poznań, Alligator

Poniżej oficjalne oświadczenie zespołu w oryginale:

„dear all,

as you know, our drummer maddin had a severe motorcycle accident a week prior to our „imaginary horse tour

2015”. despite tremendous pain and ongoing problems with his shoulder (and knee), we have played 43 shows on

this tour and unfortunately, maddin´s shoulder has gotten worse and worse…

we were told by our physical therapist yesterday that that´s not a good thing at all. maddin needs to urgently take

a break until the shoulder is completely healed. (all the muscles in his left shoulder were strained extremely and

the only way to heal that is rest. in the beginning of this tour we were told that if he continues to play, he will not

harm the shoulder much, but the healing will take longer….now that it´s getting worse, this means something´s not

right and we can´t jeopardize his health any longer).

maddin told us after the show in budweis/czech republic yesterday that he can´t go on until the shoulder is healed

and we stand by his side of course as we want to continue doing this for many many years and need him in good


we hereby have no choice but to cancel the few remaining dates of our very succesful „imaginary horse tour


we want to say „thank you” to the many many people who saw one (or more) of our shows and for making this the

highlight in our musical career. we also want to say „sorry, but we´ll be back!” to those who won´t see us on this

tour,now that we are cancelling. the picturebooks”