Prepare yourself to meet the kindest of deaths

J. D. OVERDRIVE are four handsome young fellows who are very fond of playing golf and hosting baroque poetry readings. Oh, and they also enjoy tearing shit up during energetic live shows. For you see, this particular group of rapscallions focuses its musical interests on dirty, American-style metal soaked in southern vibes and whiskey fumes (one brand in particular, wink wink…).

In 2015 eight years will pass since we silently crept into the Polish metal scene. We’re still here and we ain’t going nowhere. We celebrated our live debut alongside JESUS CHRYSLER SUICIDE and played our next two shows supporting the Milwaukee-based mash-up heroes BEATALLICA. Over the years we had the pleasure and privilege to share the stage with such acclaimed acts as DOWN, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, WHITESNAKE, BLOOD CEREMONY, SOULFLY, RED FANG, KARMA TO BURN, EUROPE, PHIL ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS and BLACK STAR RIDERS. In 2011 we released our debut album “Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood” and in May 2013 we returned with a follow-up that featured heavier riffs and a dirtier, more massive sound. Now we’re back with our finest work to date. “The Kindest of Deaths” brings 11 songs about death and rock’n’roll, brilliantly produced at Satanic Audio by the producer mastermind Haldor Grunberg. This album snarls, bites and spits venom. Prepare yourself to meet the kindest of deaths…

J. D. Overdrive

Wojtek ‚Suseł’ Kałuża – vocals

Michał ‚Stempel’ Stemplowski – guitars

Łukasz ‚Jooras’ Jurewicz – drums

Marcin ‚Stasiu’ Łyźniak – bass

Former band members:

Łukasz ‘Peo’ Pomietło – bass
Tomasz ‘Tommy’ Cedzyński – bass
Kuba ‘Oldboy’ Pawlewski – bass
Maciek ‘Luksus’ Rutkowski – drums
Grzegorz Klimas – bass